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    The structure of the University is built to give you the privacy and security necessary to learn and grow your business at your own pace. Read More

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    The Owners University was created by professionals who have started, bought, managed and sold companies across the US and in a multitude of industries. Read More

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    The Owners University has developed the content to help you overcome the challenges of managing a business day-to-day, while preparing it and yourself for the future. Read More



The Owners University will have open enrollment for the next course beginning March 15, 2014!

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Strategic vs Financial Buyers
Do you know the difference between a financial buyer and a strategic buyer? Watch this video to understand these differences and why they should matter to you.

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Personal Guarantee Relief
Does your bank require you to maintain a Personal Guarantee for your company's debt? Did you know there are things you can do to minimize and, in many cases, eliminate this requirement?

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Utilizing Flash Reports
One of the greatest tools for any company to use is the Flash Report. Do you know why? Watch this video to learn the best practices, and download a few templates to use today.

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Understanding Business Valuation
Do you REALLY know the value of your company or are you basing its value on what you need to retire? Many owners make the same mistake. Watch this video to learn a few basics of business valuation to start on the right path.

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  • Larry Ferrere

    Dick and Bob and the Owners University are valuable assets to any executive or company at any stage – early or late stage, because the Owners University curriculum is presented in such a way that there is always a take away point that one can apply to their respective situation and company to be better positioned and be better prepared for the steps and things ahead.

  • Shawn Hays

    The Owners University is a unique and original concept and calls attention to forward planning by business owners. Although I am not planning to exit the business at this time, I have found the information to be relevant to our current planning process and operating mentality. I highly recommend the Owners University to any business owner and have found my time invested here to be a great value!

  • Randy Gerig

    As the CFO of the organization I was impressed not only with their overall knowledge of the details that go into a fairly complicated process, but their diligence, creativity and professional guidance as well. No owner should have to go through this process unprepared.


prepare  priˈpe(ə)r/ (Verb)

1. Make (something) ready for use or consideration.


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