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According to a PwC study entitled “Whose Business is it Anyway?” over 75% of business owners say they regretted selling their companies a year after the sale.


Because they were unprepared when it came time to sell their companies!

The Owners University is the premier online resource for business owners to learn how to increase their after-tax proceeds from the sale of their businesses.  By becoming a member, you will learn the insider secrets of how to maximize the value of your business, and how to make your company more attractive to potential buyers!

The process is easy to understand and implement but quality preparation for sale takes from 1-3 years. You need to start your preparation now and The Owners University is that start.

I was impressed not only with their overall knowledge of the details that go into a fairly complicated process, but their diligence, creativity and professional guidance as well. No owner should have to go through this process unprepared. Randy Gerig, formerly with CSW Safety.

Open enrollment for the 2013 The Owners University Main Course is open NOW.  To help inform you about the value of the The Owners University, we are offering a Free Exclusive Preview of our content, curriculum, and expertise.

By subscribing to this preview, you will:

  • Learn how we discovered the methods to effectively share this tried-and-true process that is easy to understand and implement ON YOUR OWN
  • Learn about the massive amount of capital that is sitting on the sidelines waiting for great companies like yours to emerge as the ‘cream of the crop’
  • Learn how to maximize your valuation and keep more of the proceeds from the sale of your company
  • Understand how The Owners University is designed for you, the busy entrepreneur
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